I would probably self-identify as a female rural West Coast (of USA) Caucasian, but that wouldn't include, as labels often don't, my journey from a small monocultural mill town to a solo sabbatical in six countries (in '91). Now I'm on to the exciting sojourn of retirement (from full-time worklife five years ago). I love travel and art and aesthetics, as well as almost all cats and dogs I've met. This blog is just for fun and experimenting with the tools. It should be amusing...

Friday, September 19, 2008


Well, when your computer runs out of electric oomph, it's just the wrong time for your pictures to mess up, too. Apologies, folks.

My next teensy cybertale was unfortunately abbreviated temporarily by the lack of my computer charging device, but I'd like to report it's very nice up here in Ashland this weekend. Magnificent Indian summer day brewing up, too, though some high chouds are rolling in on the suddenly autumnal breezes.

I'm in the library trying to look up pottery glaze recipes at the moment, and to inform you I didn't have too much to drink, but my Fixit capabilities are halted on the old bloggie a este momento. Lo siento. (I'm sorry.)

Think I'll stroll over to the Ceramics Department, though school doesn't open their fall quarter until Monday, and see what inspiration I can scare up! Southern Oregon University is a great little school in a magical Shakespearian festival town, all about an hour north from our woodsy home in far northern CA.

Will fix this discombobulation when I'm home in a few days. Wait'll you see the field of thistles pix! Putting pictures side by side or staggered in a post is a challenge with Blogger.com--anyone out there a wizard who can help?

Sigh...meanwhile, do you know where your stocks are!?!?! Your money (haha) market? ~KWW



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