I would probably self-identify as a female rural West Coast (of USA) Caucasian, but that wouldn't include, as labels often don't, my journey from a small monocultural mill town to a solo sabbatical in six countries (in '91). Now I'm on to the exciting sojourn of retirement (from full-time worklife five years ago). I love travel and art and aesthetics, as well as almost all cats and dogs I've met. This blog is just for fun and experimenting with the tools. It should be amusing...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summertime Fun

http://www.moteldelrogue.com/ Here's the URL for our favorite quaint motel. We've been going since daughter Sylvia was about 2, and now she's a beautiful 5'7" gal. (She was too busy with end-of-school activities to stop for a photo!) We took eight friends there last week and had a blast with potlucks and veranda breakfasts. And nearby Grant's Pass has wild boat rides, big funny painted bears downtown, and very cool restaurants. HOORAY for summer! Now I'm planning an Oregon coast trip, and time in Portland and Camas, where Gramma is!


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